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Agrotourism in Limassol District, Cyprus.
Limassol District.

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Neofytos House, Arsos

Neofytos House it is a traditional villa recently refurbished and converted into three detached houses, two of one bedroom houses on the ground floor and one of two bedrooms house on the first floor.
We are offering eight beds (two extra beds could be added at each house) for holidays at the beautiful village of Arsos about 33km from the city of Limassol. We are licensed by the Cyprus Tourism Organization as an Agrotourism Hotel, named "Neofytos House".
"Neofytos House" is situated at the most advantageous high position of Arsos village, with magnificent view, green and peaceful environment ideal for relaxing and rejuvenated holidays. Our place is ideal for holidays for people who:
1. Love nature.
2. Love walking tours.
3. Love mountain bikes tours.
4. Love bird-watching.
5. Love to study the flowers, the trees, the insects, and the reptiles of the Cyprus nature.
6. Love the sun risings and the sun settings, pasteurized from the verandas of our houses.
7. Want to have our house as the ideal base from which to explore all over Cyprus.
8. Want to study the culture of Cyprus through the village and the agriculture life.
9. For Golf Tours, we are about 27 km away from the main Golf Resorts of Cyprus at Pafos.
Although our houses are fully furnished and equipped for self catering, in our village and the near by area there are traditional restaurants and taverns for delicious food and the famous local wine.
In Arsos village there are several places to visit: Museum, two medieval churches, "the six fountains" nature trail on the western fringes of the village, several winery manufactures and traditional houses.
We are going to offer a swimming pool for use by our guests as by the end of May 2006.

Cyprus Villages Arsos
Arsos is a village in the Limassol district built at a height of 800m above sea level with particularly charming architecture, preserving to a large extend its traditional character whose main element is the magnificently carved limestone.

Arsos wine, famous since the antiquity, was considered one of the best produced on the island, a reputation continuing to this day. In fact, wine making is still the villagers' main occupation. Arsos acquired its name in the French Lusignian era when it was called Tarcce. Apart from the natural beauties of the village itself, today's visitor will be enchanted by the rich and attractive scenery surrounding it.

Some 26 km northwest of the town of Limassol lies the village of Lofou, one of the most beautiful and historical villages of the island. Built of stone, it acquired its present name in the Byzantine years because of its location at the top of a hill (lofos in Greek) approximately 800m above sea level.

Cyprus Villages The village and surrounding area cultivate mainly vineyards, while the natural, wild vegetation is quite distinct and includes a great variety of herbal plants.

Today Lofou preserves its traditional architecture to a great extend, while in recent years there has been an increasing interest in the restoration of its old houses. In its stone paved alleys, the visitor will feel that unique sense of looking back into stories and legends of the past.

Saittas is a settlement some 33km to the northwest of Limassol town, built at a height of 600m above sea level on a beautiful mountain spot near the banks of the Amiantos tributary.

Its name probably derives from a type of snake common to Cyprus and the area, called Saittaris, but there are also other accounts, such as that it relates to the worship of the Olympian goddess Athena of the antiquity who was given the epithet Saitis. Today Saittas is a small settlement, convenient as a base for nature lovers who wish to enjoy the excellent natural elements of the Troodos mountains and its forests, as well as the picturesque villages of the area.

Cyprus Villages Episkopi
Some 14km west of Limassol lies Episkopi, built near the river Kouris. Episkopi is a village rich in agriculture and stock raising, whose roots, as one can clearly see, go back to ancient times. Archaeological remains reveal that Episkopi was closely associated with the ancient town of Curium, while later in the early Christian years, it was the centre of the area and the seat of bishops (to this it owes its name, episkopos is the Greek word for bishop).

The surrounding area is full of notable churches and archaeological sites.

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