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Cyprus family holidays

The best in our life is a laughter of a child.

Children are our happiness and to spend holiday together with them is wonderful.

Cyprus hotel playground

If you had searched the hotel, which would be interesting for children, than you know, this is a problem.
You can stay almost in all hotel, but will be there interesting the child? He need communication. Of course, it is necessary to check, if the hotel has playground, but it is a trifle.

Cyprus park playground

It bothers the child in the first day! Certainly far not in all hotels understand this. What measures wouldn't be undertaken, what entertainments were not spent, this is not that!
Child wants to play. We adults forgot about this.
Here is a list of children friendly hotels in Cyprus.

Elysium Paphos or Sunrise Protaras

Certainly you can choose and not from this list and we will be glad to know your opinion and to add your impression about that hotel, where your child liked.
Our employees will be glad to help you with a hotel.

Reviews (3)
Roland Miller:
My children liked Alexander hotel in Paphos and Miramare hotel Cyprus. The first time we stayed in this hotel (Alexander) 3 years ago and now stay there every year. Before we had holidays on Crete, only there are not such hotels or we had not found it. Also I was told that there is a very good hotel for children in Montenegro, we have not been there.

Cyprus Miramare

Sammy K:
The best place for holiday in Cyprus is Protaras. There are a lot of children there and I am careless. We stayed in Londa Hotel in Limassol many years ago, when the Hotel was Hotel Apartments. There is a park not far from the Hotel, where parents with children walk in the evening. Diverse entertainment for children are nearby. Now we stay only in Protaras and are very satisfied with it! I don't know another beautiful beach.

Kosta Haris:
I've never been in such a lovely country. For me it is an exclusive experience for the whole life. I hope very much I come back here and continue this exciting stay!

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